Natural products isolated from bacteria, fungi and plants from both marine and terrestrial environments are a rich source of compounds of medicinal and agrochemical importance. Our research centres upon:

Structure elucidation and total synthesis of natural products
♦ Development of new synthetic methodology
Elucidation and exploitation of biosynthetic pathways
♦ Isotopic labelling and biotransformations

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Recent Publication:

Ambruticins: Tetrahydropyran Ring Formation and Total Synthesis

The ambruticins are a family of polyketide natural products which exhibit potent antifungal activity. Gene knockout experiments are in accord with the proposal that the tetrahydropyran ring of the ambruticins is formed via the AmbJ catalysed epoxidation of the unsaturated 3,5-dihydroxy acid, ambruticin J, followed by regioselective cyclisation to ambruticin F. In this paper, a convergent approach to the total synthesis of ambruticin J is described as well as model studies involving epoxidation and cyclisations of unsaturated hydroxy esters to give tetrahydropyrans and tetrahydrofurans. J. I. Bowen, L. Wang, M. P. Crump, C. L. Willis, Ambruticins: Tetrahydropyran Ring Formation and Total Synthesis, Org. Biomol. Chem., 2021, Advance Article, DOI:10.1039/d1ob00883h